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Double / Single Ornate Table Legs


Replacement legs for any existing table top. Single table and double table legs available. Suitable for dining/bar/cafe/restaurant/home table tops.

The heavy and sturdy base means this table does not need to be secured to the floor.

Based on the most excellent lively economic area and providing it’s most unique products and expert services, Avrin Furniture has made its respect and trust from many clients both at home and abroad.  The Dining Table legs come fully partial without any holes or hardware. Though, with Avrin Furniture millwork and installation services, you are sure a perfect fit! Work straight with a customer service representative to fix your Double Ornate Table Legs want hardware fitted, an angle, or other services to shorten your design procedure.

Avrin Furniture Offers a Perfect Selection of Double Ornate Table Legs in Various Styles:

Avrin Furniture offers a great range of Double Ornate Table Legs in numerous styles. All of these legs are obtainable in ten to twelve wood categories and oak and maple. Whether you’re creating a rustic farm table with long legs, or a durable shaker table with cherry legs, or somewhat totally different, our wide variety of first-class table legs is sure to meet your demands. Many of our average enterprises can also help as replacement table legs when fixing or redesigning a present table.

Moreover, Avrin Furniture now offers more maintainable choices. In those rare examples, when you do not discover the wooden furniture legs, Single Ornate Table Legs, or Double Ornate Table Legs in Bristol you require in our standard catalogue, we are happy to support you with custom legs. Table Base Kits are also reachable and can integrate any of Avrin Furniture’s table legs. The kits invent with wooden table apron bits, table legs, and all the hardware obligatory to gather a spectacular table base.

Learn More About a Few Different Examples of Leg Style:

Spider legs:

Spider legs are subtle, thin bowed legs, usually spreading underneath a round table top in a cluster of three or four. They characteristically end in scoop feet or no feet. Originate on several late 18th-century and early 19th-century candlestands, tea tables, and other bright, moveable pieces.

Spider legs can also be thin, conventional legs found on foldout tables. The slender supports allow wavering out to enlarge the table effortlessly. This difference dates from the initial 18th century and frequently ends in pad feet. Both kinds of spider legs continue imperishably widespread to the present.

Trumpet Leg:

This is a category of curved furniture leg, impartially thick with many curves, flickers mounting and outer from a narrow base to look like an upturned trumpet. The top is frequently covered with a ceiling, and the end often fires in a ball foot, Spanish foot or bun foot.

It is characteristic of Baroque styles and frequently appears in accent tables, bureaus, and lowboys with the legs linked by a winding capstone. These are also recognised as trumpet-turned legs.

Spiral Leg:

This ancient style of furniture leg looks like a twisted rope. It is supposed to have been created in India and the kind toured west across Europe. Avrin Furniture brings a varied line of Double Ornate Table Legs at 29 inches in height & all types of furniture at low costs.

Customise Your Furniture With Table Legs From Avrin Furniture:

When you bargain a table or sofa, you may adore all about it except for the legs. That’s why Avrin Furniture has a wide variety of legs for tables, counting hairpin table legs, Single Ornate Table Legs, portable table legs, adjustable table legs, and Double Ornate Table Legs in Bristol. With coffee table legs, dining table legs and sofa table legs in many flairs and types to select from, you can tailor your furniture with comfort to look precisely how you need it.

Metal coffee table legs are strong and offer lots of support for your things. Metal table legs look excessive below coffee tables, desks and cabinet tables. Suppose you need something a little extra functional; select wooden table legs that can be dyed or marked. No matter your wants, when you’re penetrating for table legs, Avrin Furniture has you covered.